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Worship in the Wild

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Do you love wild nature? Do you dream of going places where the people aren’t? Just the tranquility of the woods, meadows of wildflowers filled with fluttering butterflies, meandering hiking trails into fragrant pine groves, and flocks of birds flying overhead in the golden light of sunset?

When life gets too overwhelming for me and I need my soul-battery recharged, I crave nature. I need it like the air I breathe. I cannot imagine being without it, and even when I’m in a crowded city or a theme park, I’m always searching for wildlife and an opportunity to connect with nature.

As a child, I was brought up in a religious faith where I didn’t always feel I had the freedom to make my own choices without the consequences of being judged and ostracized for not following the “rules.” I kicked against the “rules” and always questioned. I recall being at church summer camp when I was 15, and being told I needed to participate in an activity that I had zero interest in (my future homemaking skills). I politely told my youth leader that I would not be participating in that activity as I had absolutely no use for it (making potholders), and that my time would be better spent writing about nature and drawing in my journal in the forest. The leader became very upset and demanded my cooperation. How would I be a good homemaker if I didn’t participate?? I picked up my scriptures and quickly told her that I felt inspired to read my scriptures in the forest nearby. How could she argue with that? While she continued to sputter in indignation, I picked up my scriptures and headed into the forest, where I found a lovely meadow by a pine grove with the perfect stump to sit on. All the annoyance and frustration I felt faded away as I listened to the birds singing and watched the butterflies flitting from flower to flower around me. While I sat on the stump gazing at the mountains and smelling the fragrance of pine needles, I had a profound spiritual experience that has stayed with me. I never felt like I fit in at church, but I always felt I was at home in the forest with nature. This was my church. This was my sacred temple. I felt peace flood into my soul. Nature is where I worship and marvel at the awesome beauty and wildness that calms my restless spirit. It is the only church I will ever need.

If you feel that same awe and reverence for nature, or if you long to experience it, join me on my journey as I travel across the United States and attempt to capture the serenity and wild beauty of nature and stunning travel locations through photography, videography, and educational blogs. Come ‘Love Wild Nature’ with me…

Copyright @ 2023 Love Wild Nature, Lorien Villucci Nature Photography


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